New Tool – DeWalt Heavy-duty Jigsaw Kit

Filed in Home Improvement by on February 3, 2008

Up to yesterday, I have had this gift card that Laura gave me for Christmas burning a hole in my pocket. She told me it was for a tool, not for some basic supplies like molding or something like that. By the way, how the heck do you spell molding? I have found it “Molding” and “Moulding.” They both seem correct according to the internet. From now on, I am going to use molding. That’s the way Wikipedia spells it.

Anyway, since I had to do some molding work in the kitchen yesterday, I thought it would be good to have a very handy jigsaw. I had one, but unfortunately that one was far too weak to really cut through anything. I needed to cut around some things that one wouldn’t normally have to cut around when hanging molding.

I took a trip down to Home Depot to get me a jigsaw. Ye Haw. I had decided earlier that I would get the Bosch model for about $129. Bosch is a good name. When I got there, I was happy to find a DeWalt model for about $99. I played with the two of them for a little while and decided on the DeWalt because it was a bit lighter than the Bosch. Really though, either one would’ve been fine.


I got home and put the blade in. Then I fired her up to see what she could do. I guess I really never used a good jigsaw before because this one slid through the wood like a hot knife through butter. The trigger controls the variable speed, which was nice. The harder I squeezed, the faster the blade would move. There were a few things I had to careful of…if I kept the blade going too slowly, the wood would splinter. If I kept the blade moving too quickly and didn’t move the saw fast enough through what I was cutting, the blade would wander slightly side to side. I found a good mix of speed and speed after a while and my molding came out superb. I said SUPERB!!! Also, the blade I was using was kind of wide, so it didn’t do a good job going around corners. I will have to get some thinner blades for this type of work. But, that would be the case with any model jigsaw. I just hope I don’t burn this one out, like I did with my belt sander.

Now, I now have another good tool to add to my collection.

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