Solar Panels, Green Vehicles, Carbon Dioxide and Denmark

Solar panels to go in 30% of Japanese houses by 2030

Under the government-mandated target, the number of solar-powered households would increase to 14 million from the current 400,000 and the capacity of such generation would expand 30-fold from the current 1.3 million kilowatts.

Top 5 Unusually Green Vehicles of 2007

As demand for environmental alternatives grows, some green-thinking automotive designers have gone above and beyond simple hybrid or energy-efficient cars to develop radically creative green vehicles in many senses of the word. Here are five of the most interesting, innovative, strange and downright bizarre green concept vehicles developed in 2007.

Where Does All the Carbon Dioxide End Up?

We imagine most of you, upon reading the post’s title, will have already (and accurately) guessed the short answer: the atmosphere and the oceans (for the most part). But, to delve further into the matter, where exactly in the atmosphere or the oceans does it all go?

How Denmark Kicked Its Foreign Oil Habit

With rising gas cost at the pump, violence in the Middle East and the upcoming Presidential Election, it’s no wonder that politicians are saying they have plans to make the United States independent of foreign oil. But can it be done? Here’s a country that has kicked the foreign oil habit: Denmark.

Are There Really Continents of Floating Garbage?

Are there really ‘continents’, or massive floating garbage patches residing in the pacific ocean? Apparently, there are and these unsightly patches are reportedly killing marine life and releasing poisons that enter the human food chain. One plastic patch is estimated to weigh over 3 million tons and covers an area twice the size of Texas!


  1. Michael Miller says:

    solar panels for homes are still expensive and requires some large capital to install.

  2. Lan Tester  says:

    solar panel prices are getting lower and lower, soon we can afford to buy those high power solar panels:.*


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