Switching From Adobe GoLive to Dreamweaver

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I have been through it before…when Adobe discontinues a certain piece of software. The first one I lost was Adobe ImageStyler. That was back in 1999, when I was in college. The second one was Adobe LiveMotion. By this time, I can pretty much read the writing on the wall.

Recently, Adobe purchased Macromedia. I have been wondering what is going to happen to my favorite website editing piece of software…Adobe GoLive. I am not really sure if GoLive was ever my favorite editor, because it is quite bulky and has always been full of bugs. I remember back a few versions ago, the program would just disappear from my screen, right in the middle of my work. Where did it go? Oh, who knows. Then, the site file would get corrupted and I would have to figure out a workaround. Now, with my latest version (Adobe CS), the program is just really big and takes a long time to load, especially when the site is large. I dread opening it.

I took a look on the Adobe site and read that they are pushing the new Adobe Dreamweaver. They still offer GoLive, but aren’t talking it up like they used to. In my opinion, it’s history. Dreamweaver is the industry standard website editing program. I agree. I have seen it in action and like it. A few years ago, we purchased Macromedia Studio MX 2004, which included Dreamweaver MX 2004. Knowing where this whole thing is headed, I decided to purchase “Dreamweaver MX 2004 – The Missing Manual” from Amazon. I got the book for about $3.50 ($7 total). I started reading it and using the program (2004 MX, that is). I really like it. It is more intuitive than GoLive and has a few more things that I really like. Coming from GoLive, I know how to do most things, they are just in different places.

I figure that I will learn the program with this version and if need be, I will move up to the latest version. Sound good?

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  1. Nichole says:

    Hey Jay!
    So long, no talk! I use Dreamweaver for our sites and it’s a lot easier than what little I learned from Go Live at Pamal. I have the latest version and it’s pretty good. I’m still learning the differences from Dreamweaver 4, but it really hasn’t changed much.