Visiting Palm Coast, Florida From Hartford, Connecticut

jetBlue Airways

Last weekend, we decided to take a quick trip to Palm Coast, Florida. On Saturday, we made all the reservations we needed and on Tuesday, we were in the air. Amazing what one can do with the internet these days. I want to give a quick rundown and semi-review of what we experienced during this [...]

Lighting Effects For Macro Photography

Purple, White and Yellow Iris Flower Bud - #1

I’ve recently been having issues regarding light. Light during photography that is. In my recent post entitled “Close-Up Photographs Of a Dragonfly,” I was forced to use a flashlight because my built in flash wasn’t working with my magnifying lens filters correctly. In another post entitled “Macro Photography: Flash Vs. No Flash,” I dabbled with [...]

Spring Visit To Chester, CT

Flowers In Planter Outside a Shop in Chester, CT

We made a visit to Chester, CT yesterday. There were a few events going on that we wanted to attend. First, the Maple & Main Gallery was having a clothesline sale. A clothesline sale is when the gallery hangs paintings, without frames, on a clothesline out on the front porch. The paintings are discounted because [...]

Installing RAM In a Dell Inspiron Laptop

4GB Memory Stick From

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on my laptop, instead of the monstrous workstation I purchased a few years ago. I’ll tell you one thing, I like the laptop a lot better. The workstation was loud and hot. It would warm up the room I was working in quite a bit. That’s nice [...]

SMDV Remote Shutter Release Cable

SMDV Remote Camera Shutter Release Cable In Package

In a previous post, I mentioned that I was going to be buying a remote shutter release for my Canon T3i digital SLR camera. Well, I’ve received the gadget, so I’m going to post a few photos of it. But first, let me tell you about my first impressions. Okay, I haven’t exactly gone out [...]

AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR Cameras and Accessories

AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR Cameras and Accessories

I had to do it. I didn’t think I would need to so fast, but it just needed to be done. Purchase a new camera bag that is. Back when I originally purchased my Canon T3i, I also picked up the “2400 SLR Gadget Bag for EOS SLR Cameras.” Little did I know that it [...]

Macro Photography: Flash Vs. No Flash

Lilac Buds - No Flash - #1

As you may have noticed, I’ve been experimenting with macro photography a lot lately. Thus far, I’ve been simply attempting to get some nice shots. I’ve staged some things, spritzed water on some things and tried to see how lighting affects my what I’m taking pictures of. What I haven’t done is to experiment with [...]

Macro Photography – Up-Close Pictures Of Weeping Crabapple Flowers and Buds

Close-Up Macro Photograph of a Weeping Crabapple Flower and Bud - #8

My first two shoots didn’t go as well as expected. You can view them here and here. The camera shake, coupled with the breeze of the morning, threw me for a loop. I was disappointed and almost called it quits. Then I remembered something I told myself just yesterday. I said, “These guys taking beautiful [...]

Google Penguin : I’ve Isolated Which Keywords Were Affected

Google Webmaster Tools - Queries - For Sale

The moment I felt something funny the night of April 23, I quickly checked my Google Analytics account. I couldn’t see much because of the lag, but the next day, I discovered something terrible. One of my most important and “in season” websites was losing it’s rankings. A different website had been affected by something [...]

Google Penguin : Was I Hit?

Google Webmaster Tools - Search Queries - No Filter

I think this is of a good place as any to begin my running commentary of Google Penguin. Since it is, well, the beginning. I read a great post this morning on how to decipher whether your rankings were affected by Google Penguin, Google Panda, both or neither. In general, when I read posts like [...]

Close-Up Photographs Of Bailey’s Gold

Close-Up Photograph of a Bailey's Gold Plant - #3

If you’ve read my post on the Fiddlehead Fern, you’ll know where I was about two minutes before taking these photos of a Bailey’s Gold plant. Or otherwise known as Sedum Floriferum or Weihenstephaner Gold. For the sake of this post, we’ll simply call the plant Bailey’s Gold. At this point of this morning’s endeavor, [...]

Close-Up Photographs Of the Fiddlehead Fern

Close-Up Photo Of Fiddlehead Fern - #3

A few days ago, I was walking around the property when I spotted a few Fiddlehead Ferns ready to pop. I made a note to self: Go inside and grab the camera for some close-up shots of these guys. They won’t last long like this. Of course and like usual, I got caught up taking [...]

Flower Photos – May 20, 2012

The Quintessential Purple, White and Yellow Iris

I took the camera on a field trip through the front lawn this afternoon. The sun was shining and many flowers were in bloom. As you will see, the bees were out in full effect. I managed to capture one doing what he does. There’s also an orange cat in there for good measure. I’ll [...]

Whoever Vs. Whomever

I published a post not more than a few seconds ago and have a few questions about it. It seems my English might need some tidying up a bit. Take a look at this: I created this website as a venue for self expression. As with any writing, it’s almost a necessity to get feedback. [...]

Inspiring Examples Of Macro Photography

Since the topic de jour is macro photography, I felt it apropos that I suggest a few examples of the most inspiring macro photography one can find. Now, please remind yourself that your own photography should be your inspiration, but if you need a small dose of someone else’s, take a look at these: 1. [...]

Macro Photography – First Effort

Purple Columbine Flower Bud - #3

I received a few Hoya close-up lenses a few days ago and haven’t had a chance to really go outside to play with them. That is, until yesterday. The conditions were just okay. While I had a nice amount of light, there was a small breeze, which makes close-up photography quite difficult. Also, what I [...]

The Cat, Dog, Opossum and Fox

Orange Cat and an Opossum Together On a Porch - #2

Did you know that we call the cute marsupial we’ve all seen so many times an “Opossum” here in the states, but in Australia, they use the term “Possum?” Well, their version is slightly different than ours, but I find that interesting. We have a very robust relationship with wildlife ’round these here parts. For [...]

Hoya Close-Up Lens Filters On 18-135mm Canon Kit Lens For Macro Photography

Red Maple Leaves Blooming - #2

I’m not sure if magnification lenses would be considered “filters,” but I decided to name them that because that’s what most people consider what I purchased. The box says, “Hoya Close-Up Lens Set.” I bought these to allow for additional magnification as well as being able to engage in some macro photography. These lenses let [...]

Houstonia Caerulea, Daffodil, Bailey’s Gold and Purple Pansies

Purple Pansies With Yellow Center - Tilting Away From Sun

Since the sun was shining once again and since I noticed a few more flowers had bloomed, I decided to go ahead and take a few more photographs. I am fairly confident I named these correctly, but if you know something I don’t, please tell me. I actually went back in time on this very [...]

An Introduction to Macro Photography

I mentioned macro photography in my last post and encouraged those of you who don’t know what that is to do an image search for “macro photography.” Since I know for pretty much sure that none of you will do that, I decided to post a video for you. It’s a good video and really [...]