Where In the World Have I Been?

I so very apologize for the disappearing act. I was just saying today how much I dislike the classic, “Oh, I haven’t written in such a long time excuse…” I can’t use that because I actually have been posting blog posts, just not here. Do you want to know where? Check this out: Gaulard.com That’s [...]

A Nice Winter Walk

We just went for what was supposed to be a brisk (quick) Winter walk. We usually walk for an almost exact mile, turn around and then walk back to the house. It’s a hilly walk and that’s kind of what’s so nice about it. In the Winter, the hills keep you warm by forcing your [...]

Falling Squirrels

On my way back from Jiu Jitsu practice today, I witnessed a squirrel fall from a tree. A very tall tree. It fell right in front of my car and I had to swerve out of the way. Luckily, the squirrel was still alive and there were no other cars around. The road is very [...]

A Beautiful Spring Day

Chillin' On Hammock

Re-post from my other blog. Written years ago. A few days ago was the first day of Spring 2010. It was absolutely beautiful weather. I would say it was in the lower 70s and the humidity was low. For Connecticut, that’s pretty good. It can get humid fast around here. I did a little playing [...]

Brave New World

I finished reading “Brave New World” a few days ago. I have to tell you that for a while there, I didn’t think I was going to get through it. Rarely have I actually put down a book before I finished reading it. By “put down,” I mean stop reading it for good. I generally [...]

Self-Defeating Statements

A few days ago, I took a trip out to Martha’s Vineyard. We left Rhode Island on a ferry and arrived at the Vineyard about an hour and forty minutes later. It was a nice day. On the ferry, there were all sorts of characters. I’m sure you can imagine the bunch. From the golfers [...]

A Good Measure of Virtue

A few weeks ago, I was doing a little research on the meaning of “Virtue.” This isn’t a word I use all too often (or ever), but have been noticing its use more and more around the internet. It’s fairly common for me to investigate something’s meaning if I feel it’s important to today’s world. [...]

Visiting Palm Coast, Florida From Hartford, Connecticut

jetBlue Airways

Last weekend, we decided to take a quick trip to Palm Coast, Florida. On Saturday, we made all the reservations we needed and on Tuesday, we were in the air. Amazing what one can do with the internet these days. I want to give a quick rundown and semi-review of what we experienced during this [...]

Autumn Apple Picking In Connecticut

Scarecrow at Belltown Orchards

Well, we made it out to our sometimes annual apple picking event. This year, we went to Belltown Orchards in South Glastonbury, CT. Belltown probably has the nicest orchard I’ve ever been to. It’s clean, the apples are in great shape, there’s a large variety and the entire place is well run. We had a [...]

Pictures of the Purple Aster Flower

Purple Aster

I am not sure if this is a Purple Aster or a New England Aster. There is some debate about this and it’s not like the internet helps in these types of things. I mean, if I look one or the other up, all I find are pictures posted by people like me, who don’t [...]

Nice October Moon

Hazy Moon in Clear Dark October Sky

We all know Halloween is just around the corner. It’s time for all those outdoor activities that were just too hot to do in the heat of Summer. I’ve had some pretty good Halloweens in my day, so this year should really be no different. Here, check them out: Halloween Dinner at the River Tavern [...]

Up-Close Grasshopper Pictures

Grasshopper Photo - Up-Close

I know I’ve already posted a photo or two of our neighborly grasshopper, but just recently, we had an opportunity to gather a few more. Since they are indeed nice pictures, I figured I would go out on a limb and show off a few more. It seems like this grasshopper likes the front door. [...]

Beautiful Late Summer Flower Photographs

Cluster of Dahlias

I’m going to post a nice gallery of later Summer flower photos. Some of these are a bit redundant, but the flowers look great nonetheless. I’m not sure of the names of some of these flowers. I do know some, but not all. For the ones I don’t know, I’ll simply describe them best I [...]

Early Autumn Hummingbird Photographs

Hummingbird Perched On a Small Branch

To keep with the theme of uploading our boatload of photos, I thought I’d post some recent Hummingbird pictures we grabbed a few weeks ago. These pictures are pretty cool. If I haven’t mentioned before, I’ll do so now – taking pictures of Hummingbirds can get a little addictive. I think it has to do [...]

Late Summer and Early Autumn Insect Pictures

Dragonfly Sunning Himself on a Rock

The following photos were taken in late Summer and early Autumn. That’s actually just a guess, but I’m pretty sure it’s accurate, seeing we have about a zillion more photos to go through and the timeline starts way back. In the next few posts, I am going to be putting up some nice insect shots, [...]

Mountain Laurel With Spider Web – Night Pictures

Garage Light Glowing Spider Web On Mountain Laurel at Night

Since I had the camera in my hand a few nights ago (remember the moth pictures?), I decided to head outside with it. I didn’t have to go far before I saw something interesting. It was one of those warm Autumn nights. Kind of humid. I guess the spiders were active because when I got [...]

Moth On Window at Night

Orange and Tan Moth Hanging on Window - Side View

I’ve been coming across some really interesting photos lately. Or should I say, “we” have been coming across some interesting photos lately. I have taken a few, but she…SHE has been remarkable with the camera. As I sit at my desk working, I see her roaming around the property snapping pics of this and pics [...]

Working Through the Sharps and Flats

Guitar Sharp Notes

I am pretty excited right now. For weeks, I have been looking ahead in the material and had this sinking feeling that something terrible was on the horizon. I think it was those sharps and flats I told you about yesterday. Well, as it turns out, they aren’t so bad after all. They are actually [...]

Butterflies In Our Butterfly Garden

Viceroy Butterfly On Purple Flower

Today we have some remarkably good photographs of two different types of Butterfly. One is the “American Lady Butterfly” (my favorite) and the other is the “Viceroy Butterfly.” You’re probably more familiar with the Viceroy Butterfly because I think it’s more common to see them flying around the area. But if you look closely at [...]

Guitar Sharps, Flats & Naturals

Guitar Sharps, Flats & Naturals

I have great news – I am officially moving on to the Sharps, Flats and Naturals section of Session 4 in Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar. This is pretty exciting because it means that I am comfortable with everything up until this point, which was a lot. Now, I’ve heard that it’s quite common to [...]