Visiting Palm Coast, Florida From Hartford, Connecticut

jetBlue Airways

Last weekend, we decided to take a quick trip to Palm Coast, Florida. On Saturday, we made all the reservations we needed and on Tuesday, we were in the air. Amazing what one can do with the internet these days. I want to give a quick rundown and semi-review of what we experienced during this [...]

Lighting Effects For Macro Photography

Purple, White and Yellow Iris Flower Bud - #1

I’ve recently been having issues regarding light. Light during photography that is. In my recent post entitled “Close-Up Photographs Of a Dragonfly,” I was forced to use a flashlight because my built in flash wasn’t working with my magnifying lens filters correctly. In another post entitled “Macro Photography: Flash Vs. No Flash,” I dabbled with [...]

Spring Visit To Chester, CT

Flowers In Planter Outside a Shop in Chester, CT

We made a visit to Chester, CT yesterday. There were a few events going on that we wanted to attend. First, the Maple & Main Gallery was having a clothesline sale. A clothesline sale is when the gallery hangs paintings, without frames, on a clothesline out on the front porch. The paintings are discounted because [...]

Installing RAM In a Dell Inspiron Laptop

4GB Memory Stick From

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on my laptop, instead of the monstrous workstation I purchased a few years ago. I’ll tell you one thing, I like the laptop a lot better. The workstation was loud and hot. It would warm up the room I was working in quite a bit. That’s nice [...]

SMDV Remote Shutter Release Cable

SMDV Remote Camera Shutter Release Cable In Package

In a previous post, I mentioned that I was going to be buying a remote shutter release for my Canon T3i digital SLR camera. Well, I’ve received the gadget, so I’m going to post a few photos of it. But first, let me tell you about my first impressions. Okay, I haven’t exactly gone out [...]

AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR Cameras and Accessories

AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR Cameras and Accessories

I had to do it. I didn’t think I would need to so fast, but it just needed to be done. Purchase a new camera bag that is. Back when I originally purchased my Canon T3i, I also picked up the “2400 SLR Gadget Bag for EOS SLR Cameras.” Little did I know that it [...]

Macro Photography: Flash Vs. No Flash

Lilac Buds - No Flash - #1

As you may have noticed, I’ve been experimenting with macro photography a lot lately. Thus far, I’ve been simply attempting to get some nice shots. I’ve staged some things, spritzed water on some things and tried to see how lighting affects my what I’m taking pictures of. What I haven’t done is to experiment with [...]

Macro Photography – Up-Close Pictures Of Weeping Crabapple Flowers and Buds

Close-Up Macro Photograph of a Weeping Crabapple Flower and Bud - #8

My first two shoots didn’t go as well as expected. You can view them here and here. The camera shake, coupled with the breeze of the morning, threw me for a loop. I was disappointed and almost called it quits. Then I remembered something I told myself just yesterday. I said, “These guys taking beautiful [...]

Google Penguin : I’ve Isolated Which Keywords Were Affected

Google Webmaster Tools - Queries - For Sale

The moment I felt something funny the night of April 23, I quickly checked my Google Analytics account. I couldn’t see much because of the lag, but the next day, I discovered something terrible. One of my most important and “in season” websites was losing it’s rankings. A different website had been affected by something [...]

Google Penguin : Was I Hit?

Google Webmaster Tools - Search Queries - No Filter

I think this is of a good place as any to begin my running commentary of Google Penguin. Since it is, well, the beginning. I read a great post this morning on how to decipher whether your rankings were affected by Google Penguin, Google Panda, both or neither. In general, when I read posts like [...]

Close-Up Photographs Of Bailey’s Gold

Close-Up Photograph of a Bailey's Gold Plant - #3

If you’ve read my post on the Fiddlehead Fern, you’ll know where I was about two minutes before taking these photos of a Bailey’s Gold plant. Or otherwise known as Sedum Floriferum or Weihenstephaner Gold. For the sake of this post, we’ll simply call the plant Bailey’s Gold. At this point of this morning’s endeavor, [...]

Close-Up Photographs Of the Fiddlehead Fern

Close-Up Photo Of Fiddlehead Fern - #3

A few days ago, I was walking around the property when I spotted a few Fiddlehead Ferns ready to pop. I made a note to self: Go inside and grab the camera for some close-up shots of these guys. They won’t last long like this. Of course and like usual, I got caught up taking [...]

Flower Photos – May 20, 2012

The Quintessential Purple, White and Yellow Iris

I took the camera on a field trip through the front lawn this afternoon. The sun was shining and many flowers were in bloom. As you will see, the bees were out in full effect. I managed to capture one doing what he does. There’s also an orange cat in there for good measure. I’ll [...]

Macro Photography – First Effort

Purple Columbine Flower Bud - #3

I received a few Hoya close-up lenses a few days ago and haven’t had a chance to really go outside to play with them. That is, until yesterday. The conditions were just okay. While I had a nice amount of light, there was a small breeze, which makes close-up photography quite difficult. Also, what I [...]

The Cat, Dog, Opossum and Fox

Orange Cat and an Opossum Together On a Porch - #2

Did you know that we call the cute marsupial we’ve all seen so many times an “Opossum” here in the states, but in Australia, they use the term “Possum?” Well, their version is slightly different than ours, but I find that interesting. We have a very robust relationship with wildlife ’round these here parts. For [...]

Hoya Close-Up Lens Filters On 18-135mm Canon Kit Lens For Macro Photography

Red Maple Leaves Blooming - #2

I’m not sure if magnification lenses would be considered “filters,” but I decided to name them that because that’s what most people consider what I purchased. The box says, “Hoya Close-Up Lens Set.” I bought these to allow for additional magnification as well as being able to engage in some macro photography. These lenses let [...]

Houstonia Caerulea, Daffodil, Bailey’s Gold and Purple Pansies

Purple Pansies With Yellow Center - Tilting Away From Sun

Since the sun was shining once again and since I noticed a few more flowers had bloomed, I decided to go ahead and take a few more photographs. I am fairly confident I named these correctly, but if you know something I don’t, please tell me. I actually went back in time on this very [...]

April 2012 Buds and Flowers

Red Maple Bud and Spider Web

Around 6pm, I can see the sun beginning to hang nice and low in the sky. The light hits everything in the front yard just the right way – it makes me get all antsy – which makes me get up to run outside to take a bunch of pictures. It really is fun having [...]

Spring 2012 Pictures

Weeping Cherry Flowers Darkened by Sun

Yesterday was quite sunny, so I thought I’d walk around the house to take some photos of what was in bloom (and some other stuff). I also wanted to again try out my new Sigma 10-20mm wide angle lens. I got some decent shots. I may have repeated a few from my previous post, but [...]

Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM Lens for Canon Digital SLR Cameras

Laying Down on Front Lawn - Sigma 10-20mm Wide Angle Lens

In a previous post, I mentioned that I wanted to share something with you regarding my camera. Well, today is the great unveiling. While it may not be all too exciting over there on your end, it’s kind of exciting here. Okay, so here goes – I finally broke down and purchased a wide angle [...]

Cleveland Select Flowering Pear Flower Buds

Cleveland Select Flowering Pear

Yes folks, Spring is here and it’s time for me to again document all that happens around these here parts. It’s time to wake up and get outside and put my new camera to work. By the way, I have a special surprise for you regarding my camera, but it’s still in the mail. You’ll [...]

Simon On a Spring Day

Simon the Fat Orange Cat

We’ve had an extraordinarily mild Winter, which has led to an extraordinarily mild Spring. Simon has been hankering to get outside. He got his wish today. And since my cat posts are wildly popular, I think you really should enjoy this for all it’s worth. Related posts:Eco-Friendly, Ethanol, Greenpeace and the RepublicansSimon The Cat Sleeping [...]

Canadian Hemlocks and Red Maples For Spring Planting

Canadian Hemlock

As I’ve mentioned probably about a thousand times now, we have a few acres of woods here. About 4.25 acres to be exact. It’s a lot of woods with very few evergreen trees – and I can’t stand that. Really, there’s nothing worse than looking at hard, cold deciduous trees all Winter long. So like [...]

Peet Boot Dryer For Wet Boxing Gloves

Peet Boot Dryer

We’ve been having a small issue in our after-hours Muay Thai training. The problem is called stinky boxing gloves. Think about it – you train for about an hour, an hour and a half and you get pretty sweaty. While wearing your boxing gloves, your arms sweat and your hands sweat. You squeeze and punch [...]

Muay Thai Unleashed

Muay Thai Unleashed - Learn Technique and Strategy From Thailand's Warrior Elite by Erich Krauss and Glen Cordoza

I remember telling you that I had recruited a few friends from my Jiu Jitsu class to spar Muay Thai with me. That was a while ago, so I feel it’s time for an update. Well, I’m here to report that it’s going extremely well. So well, in fact, we now have six guys who [...]

This Winter – So Far

B&B - French Spiced Liqueur & Fine Cognac

Let’s talk about this winter. I would have to say that it’s probably been one of the best, weather-wise, in a long, long time. Well, there was that one in 1997 when El Niño rolled through. Remember El Niño? We’ve been going hiking almost every day. At times, it’s difficult to pull myself away from [...]

I Miss My Golden

Golden Retriever Hugging Fat Orange Cat

I decided that today was a good day to bring some garbage down to the transfer station. We used to have garbage pickup, but when I found out that I could bring what I had to the transfer station for free (paid for in the taxes), I promptly cancelled the garbage pickup and began saving [...]

Third Stripe On Blue Belt – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Third Stripe On Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt

This is simply another post for my archive. Just to remind me of when I got the third stripe on my blue belt for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We had a guy going for his blue belt a few nights ago. I always enjoy watching people go through the rigors of belt testing because it gives [...]

A Nice Night Out In Chester

7 Deadly Zins Wine Label

A friend of ours had to take care of some business over here in our neck of the woods yesterday, so we said, “Hey man, stop on by and we’ll take you out to dinner.” He said, “Can I sleep over too?” We said, “Sure.” So he came over last night around six. We hugged [...]

Walking The Plank

The Roundhouse - Courtesy of Bing Maps

I’ve had a pretty good post forming in my head for about a week now. Piece by piece, I was putting things together and they were coming along quite nicely. I’ll admit that I hadn’t thought up the point of the whole thing yet, but I’m sure that would’ve come about towards the end of [...]

Stand Up Sparring and Other Stuff

Jiu Jitsu Oma Plata Fail Turned into Arm Bar

I enjoyed a good half hour of stand up sparring again yesterday. Every time I do that I fall back in love with Muay Thai. It’s only when I take a break that I feel like sitting on the couch for the rest of my life. It’s true, I’ve had visions of taking some time [...]

The Orwell Diaries – The Past 70 Years

Orwell Diaries

This is interesting. Did you know that there is a blog called the “Orwell Diaries 1938-1942″ and it is blogging George Orwell’s diaries from 1938 in real time, 70 years to the day since each entry was originally written? Who is George Orwell? Eric Arthur Blair (25 June 1903 – 21 January 1950), better known [...]

The Coffee Walk

Mushroom in Moss on Decaying Log - #2

I was standing outside yesterday morning looking into the woods when I came up with a brilliant idea. I thought that since I enjoy walking the property each day while drinking my morning coffee, why don’t I make a trail around the perimeter and put down some wood chips or something so I have some [...]

The Age of Jackson by Arthur Meier Schlesinger Jr.

The Age of Jackson by Arthur Meier Schlesinger Jr.

Onward and upward. To follow my trend of flipping between fiction and non-fiction, I am going to attempt to read “The Age of Jackson by Arthur Meier Schlesinger Jr.” This should be interesting. Like I do before I read anything, I look at the reviews. For this book, they are quite intense, as you can [...]

Finished : No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy

No Country For Old Men by Cormac McCarthy

I’m not sure what to make of this book. Before I began, I read the reviews. They were very positive. People loved it. Changed them. Told them something they’ll remember forever. I’m not sure if I agree. The book was more of a reflection than a story. It was a point of view that was [...]

Review : Delkin Fat Gecko Mini Camera Mount

Delkin Fat Gecko Mini Camera Mount in 2008 BMW X5

Okay, as promised, I am going to give a short review on my first use of the Delkin Fat Gecko Mini Camera Mount. Here is the review: It was okay. I wasn’t thrilled, but that may be because of my lack of experience taking video from a moving automobile. I really don’t know how people [...]

Fat Gecko Mini Camera Mount

Delkin Fat Gecko Mini Camera Mount

I received my new “Fat Gecko Mini Camera Mount” in the mail today and thought I’d take a few pictures of it for you. I know there are people out there who are interested in this mount and would appreciate nice up-close shots of it. Since I haven’t used it yet (maybe tomorrow), I have [...]

Halloween Dinner at the River Tavern in Chester, CT

M&M Pumpkin Carving for Halloween

This was an unexpected dinner. We meant to visit Chester to simply people watch and wander the streets, but since there was space available at the River Tavern, we took it. I haven’t had a good Halloween like this since I was a kid. Running out to the street only to see groups of people [...]

No Country For Old Men by Cormac McCarthy


I was handed a book at few weeks ago by a friend. He said, “This is the best book I ever read. Please read it, but when you do, sit back and enjoy the essence.” He seemed rather serious when he said that so I am going to give this one my all. The name [...]

David Rockefeller – Memoirs

David Rockefeller - Memoirs

I just finished the book, “David Rockefeller – Memoirs.” I’m not sure why I read this. Possibly because I was at the book store and it seemed interesting at the time. I also like the feel of a nice heavy book. Plus, it was only five bucks. I’ll give a few short sentences about this [...]

Night Frog On Window

Nighttime Frog Clinging To Window On House - Belly View

We have had a recurring visitor round these here parts all Summer long. Usually it’s stuck to one of the windows on either side of the front door, but a few nights ago, it was on the rear slider. I say “it’s” because I don’t know if it’s a male or a female, if frogs [...]

White Mountain Hearth Gas Log Set

White Mountain Hearth Refractory Sassafras Gas Log Set

I got this idea a few months ago and finally got around to getting things taken care of. In my mind, this was to be an easy project, but in reality things got a little complicated. I decided long ago that the time for burning wood in the fireplace was over. Being limited to cool [...]

SLIK PRO 700DX Professional Tripod

Canon Zoom Lens EF-S 18-135mm

Well, I received my tripod and I must say, it’s just perfect. I’m really happy that I spent the extra green to get one of the good ones. It’s better to do things once. When I was looking through Amazon for tripods, I found tons of them for $15, $20, $30 or slightly more. The [...]

Muay Thai Blue Belt and Live Sparring

Muay Thai - Krav Maga Blue Belt

I had to wait a bit to post something about getting my blue belt in Muay Thai. The old “getting the belt” posts are somewhat light on content, so I figured that if I waited for something else to happen, there would actually be something to read. There is a short story that goes along [...]

Bumble Bee On Neon Showy Stonecrop

Bumble Bee On Neon Showy Stonecrop - #1

After I took a few photos of Simon this afternoon, I walked over to our Neon Showy Stonecrop, which is actually the reason I took the camera out in the first place. I saw a few bumble bees walking around on the flowers and I wanted to see if I could get some nice up-close [...]

Simon the Supermodel

Simon the Large Orange Cat Supermodel - #3

I was doing a little fiddling with my camera this afternoon when Simon presented himself. I tried to tell him that there is quite possibly no one left on this planet who wants to see another picture of him on the internet, but he wouldn’t leave. I was left with very few options. As he [...]

Night Photography On the Connecticut River

East Haddam Swing Bridge at Night, Connecticut River

A few nights ago, I enjoyed a surprise birthday dinner at Restaurant L&E in Chester, CT. It was a great time that gave me an opportunity to use a few phrases I learned during my three years of French classes from middle school. I was actually going to write a longer post about the dinner, [...]

Canon T3i Camera Is In Hand

Honey Bee On White Chrysanthemum - #1

A few days ago, I received my new Canon T3i. It’s really nice. Of course, the first thing I did was to walk around to take a few pictures. I’ll post them below. I do want to mention a few quick things first though. If you are interested in this type of camera, take note [...]

Canon Rebel T2i Vs. Canon Rebel T3i

White Chrysanthemum Buds - #2

I thought last night was the night. I really did. I was going to open up my wallet and place the order…but I didn’t. You’re never going to guess what happened. I realized there was a new model out that’s called the “Canon Rebel T3i.” I have been looking at the Canon Rebel T2i for [...]

Honda EU2000i Inverter Generator

Honda EU2000i Inverter Generator

I received a little goody from Fed-ex yesterday. I bought a generator to help out during the next power outage (Honda EU2000i Inverter Generator). This should make life just a tad easier than it was a few weeks ago. I am going to offer a piece of advice to anyone out there who lives in [...]

Hurricane Irene – Power Outage in Connecticut

Downed Power Lines - Hurricane Irene - Connecticut

The mood has passed and people are back to their lives now, but I still feel like I have something to say about this latest hurricane of ours. The hurricane named Irene. By the time it reached Connecticut, I think it was downgraded to a tropical storm. We had some wind here…definitely more wind than [...]

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

I finished reading this book a while ago, but avoided writing anything about it. It didn’t blow me away and I’m not sure I would put this book on my “Recommend” list. It was a good book. I can’t say it was a great book, but it was good. The ending was better than the [...]

River Tavern in Chester, CT

Purple Hydrangea

I have one regret about writing this post. It’s that I didn’t take any pictures this afternoon during lunch. It’s so much easier to write a blog post around a photograph, but since that’s not going to happen, I’ll try to make up for it another way. We’ve been on a bit of a lunch [...]

The Brushmill by the Waterfall in Chester, CT

The Brushmill by the Waterfall - 1

This is just a follow-up to my last post. I mentioned that I was going to write a brief post on “The Brushmill by the Waterfall in Chester, CT.” Well, here it is. This is the restaurant we visited last night. We had a great dinner. We arrived after the crowd left so it was [...]

Riding the Airline Rail Trail From North Westchester To Colchester, CT

Wetlands Along Rail Trail

This is two rides merged into one. I only have two decent pictures of the second ride, so I figured this was just easier. We have been astounded, that’s right, astounded at what we have been finding while riding on the Airline State Park and Rail Trail. Rivers, waterfalls, bridges, wetlands, big valleys with great [...]

Walking Along the Salmon River in Connecticut

Salmon River in Colchester, CT - #3

We have been discovering the most amazing places lately, and believe me, I don’t use the word “amazing” very often. When I hear that word, I usually think of a twenty something responding to a question like, “How to you like your new job?” “Oh, it’s AMAZING.” Or something like, “Do you like the new [...]

Oak Tree Falls For Absolutely No Reason

Cracked Limb of Red Oak Tree

Here’s what I woke up to a few mornings ago: BANG – WHOOOOSSHHHHHH – BOOOOOMMM!!!!! It was about 7am and I was laying there dreaming about unicorns walking to candy mountain. Of course I can’t remember all too well, but what it sounded like was huge shelves of paint cans…thousands of them…falling over in the [...]

Yellow Daylilies Are In Bloom

Yellow Daylily - #4 - With Fly on the Petal

Yes, the Daylilies are in bloom. We have a whole cluster in the front garden and they look great. If you have Daylilies, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say they look “chewy.” It’s weird, I guess it’s the thickness of the petals or something. They just look like they have real substance. [...]

White Yarrow – Achillea millefolium

White Yarrow - #2

I know I’ve been through this before. I already wrote a post about this a while ago, but back then, I didn’t know which flower I was looking at…White Yarrow or Queen Anne’s Lace. Now I know, it’s White Yarrow, or Achillea millefolium. We have one of these plants. One. I don’t know where it [...]

Airline State Park and Rail Trail

Airline State Park and Rail Trail

Up until a few weeks ago, I had no idea how cool rail trails were. I also didn’t know how popular they’ve become. We have been walking in the general vicinity of the house we live in for about three years. It’s a great place to walk and we have really awesome trails right in [...]

Asclepias Curassavica – Bloodflower

Asclepias Curassavica – Bloodflower - #1

The Asclepias Curassavica, or otherwise known as the “Bloodflower” is quickly becoming one of my favorite plants. Not because of its hardiness or anything, but more because of its beauty. The Iris or the Tiger Lily are “tougher” plants and on the same level of attractiveness, but there is something about the Bloodflower that I [...]

Wedding at Sharp Rock Vineyards

Sharp Rock Vineyards - Old Rag Mountain

I drove to Virginia a few weeks ago to attend my brother’s wedding. It was really great and I’d like to say a few things about it and share the pictures that I took. First, I’ll say what I have to say. If I post the pictures above the text, people will just look at [...]

Joby GP2-D1EN Gorillapod Flexible Tripod

Gorillapod SLR Flexible Tripod Bubble Level

The full name is “Joby GP2-D1EN Gorillapod Flexible Tripod for Digital SLR Cameras with Bubble Level.” I picked up two of the SLR versions because they can handle more weight than the lighter version. As you may have noticed, I am getting more into video. It’s very fun and I figured that a tripod might [...]

When Money Dies: The Nightmare of the Weimar Collapse

When Money Dies: The Nightmare of the Weimar Collapse

I picked up what promises to by a very interesting book. It’s called, “When Money Dies: The Nightmare of the Weimar Collapse” by Adam Fergussen. There are actually a few very similar titles because this book was reprinted, but they all mean the same thing. I find this topic quite intriguing because it’s not something [...]

Allen Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Allen Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Mount Bike Rack - Model 543RR

One of’s best features is each item’s review section. For almost any product, you can visit and check out the public’s opinion of it. Pretty cool. But there’s something a little weird about the people who write the reviews. If you visit a product page at Amazon and scroll down to the review [...]

Simon the Cat is My Blogging Assistant

Simon the Orange Cat

While I was writing the Hummingbird post, Simon decided to jump up on my lap to help out. He started to fall asleep, but I got a picture right before he did. Isn’t he beautiful? Related posts:The Cat Days of SpringToday’s Theme – Birds on a WireNothing Worse Than Another Cat Post

Hummingbirds at Hummingbird Feeder

Droll Yankees Hummingbird Feeder - #2

I am quite excited about this post for a few reasons. First, we got some neat video of many of the hummingbirds that have been using our new hummingbird feeder, and second, I used the Youtube video editor. Let me tell you about the Youtube video editor. It’s really cool. I didn’t know how easy [...]

Our New Lavender Plants

Herb Lavandula - Munstead Lavender - #1

I almost called this plant purple, then I remembered that lavender is actually a color. Check it out, it really is. A few weeks ago, we acquired two Lavender plants after a long and arduous search. For some reason, every place we visited seemed to have a bunch of plants that looked just like Lavender, [...]

Crown Vetch For Hillside Erosion Control

Crown Vetch - #2

Crown Vetch is spelled two different ways, “Crown Vetch” and “Crownvetch.” Like many other things, people can’t make up their minds. Hey, I’m not complaining. Adds diversity. Onward and upward. From what I have learned, Crown Vetch is actually called Securigera varia and it’s nickname is Crown Vetch. It’s a very hardy flower/vine that is [...]

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

The Fountainhead - Ayn Rand

I am currently reading “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand. Before I begin, you should really watch this interview so you can get a picture of what Ayn Rand’s personality is like: Ayn Rand Mike Wallace Interview 1959 part 1 Ayn Rand Mike Wallace Interview 1959 part 2 Did you watch it? Good. The Fountainhead was [...]

Jiu Jitsu: Second Blue Belt Stripe – Muay Thai: Purple Belt

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt

Just a quick update of the more exciting aspects of my life…Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. Last week, I earned my purple belt in Muay Thai and a second stripe on my BJJ blue belt. I have been doing Muay Thai now for about ten months and Jiu Jitsu for almost two and a [...]

Local Farm CSA is On

Box Filled With Vegetables

I picked up our first box of fruits and vegetables last week. Our day is Wednesday. Oh let me tell you…how exciting it is. I’m not sure why it’s like Christmas morning every time I go up there…perhaps it’s because I never know what I’m going to get. This year’s farming season is pretty much [...]

The Most Beautiful Sunset

Beautiful Sunset - #3

Here’s a little story for you. Okay, we went for a walk last evening over at the Connecticut Airline State Park Rail Trail (more to come on that later) and had a nice time. We walked about two miles. I don’t even want to get into it because I am going to write an entire [...]

The Least Photogenic Cat On the Planet

Finnegan the Cat - Position #3

I know I have written about Simon before and perhaps even Michael, but I’m not sure I have written anything in particular about Finnegan. Finnegan is our black cat. Well, he’s almost black. He has a small tuft of white hair on his chest. A trait I’m sure I’ll share with him some time in [...]

Cherry Picking at Belltown Hill Orchards, South Glastonbury, CT – 2011

Belltown Hill Orchards - Looking Southwest

I’m going to be straight with you right up front. This story has an unfortunate ending. You’ll see by the last picture. Guess what today is. That’s right, it’s opening day of cherry picking at Belltown Hill Orchards in South Glastonbury, CT. We wait for this day all year and when it comes, we hop [...]

Tiger Lilies In Full Bloom

Tiger Lily Up Close

If you recall my earlier post entitled, “Tiger Lilies Starting To Sprout,” you’ll recall that I wrote the post almost three months ago to the day. It took the entire three months for these flowers to get to the point of blooming. It’s remarkable if you think about it. I watch these things every day. [...]

Yellow and Purple Pansy

Yellow and Purple Pansy

This was an easy pick. We have these beautiful Pansies growing right along the sidewalk in front of the house. I’m not sure how they got there…I certainly didn’t plant them. What’s also puzzling is that they are growing right under what used to be huge Juniper bushes. Nothing really grew there before because of [...]

Sedum floriferum, Weihenstephaner Gold, Bailey’s Gold

Sedum floriferum – Weihenstephaner Gold – Bailey’s Gold - #2

Out of all the flowers I take pictures of each year, this is definitely one of my favorites. I think it’s because of the detail it offers. We have this particular flower growing in multiple gardens, so it’s quite simple to choose the best looking ones to get photos of. These beauties are called Sedum [...]

Purple Clematis – 2011

Purple Clematis - #2

I’m going to start off by saying that this year’s Purple Clematis is not as robust as last year’s. We’ve been getting a lot of rain, so I’m sure that has something to do with it. I managed to grab a few shots of some decent looking flowers during the last sunny day we had…probably [...]

New Buds On Lilacs

New Buds On Lilac Bush

You know it’s a nice Spring day when you start seeing pictures of buds on my blog. It happens year after year. It’ll continue to go on this way because it brings me great pleasure to walk around outside noticing what’s going on with nature. It’s one of my greatest enjoyments in life. Today I [...]

Tiger Lilies Starting To Sprout

Tiger Lilies Starting To Sprout

The Tiger Lilies actually started to sprout before the snow was melted off of them. It must be some miracle of nature or something how that works. If the plant can’t get any light and if they are still somewhat frozen in the ground, how in the world do they know it’s time to start [...]

Orange Belt in Muay Thai

Muay Thai Orange Belt

After a fairly exhausting week of classes, I earned my orange belt in Muay Thai. It’s funny, just yesterday I noticed the belts ranks hanging on the wall right above the clock in the gym. I have looked at that clock more times than I care to discuss. Strange how I never noticed those belts [...]

Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Hartford, Connecticut

Thomas Cole, View In the White Mountains

Back to Wadsworth we went. This time, we were on a new mission. Modern Art and the Renaissance is what we were after. The museum shifted some collections around and had some rooms closed off, but what we saw was really great. Much of what was there has been there for a while, but we [...]

Another Late Winter Walk in the Woods

Daffodils Basking in the Sun

Since the snow is about 97% gone, I decided to peel off my Winter clothing and go for a nice late Winter walk in the woods. I guess this is a follow up picture post to these posts: – A Cold Walk in the Woods – A Winter Walk In The Woods …and probably a [...]

First Daffodil Sighting

Late Winter Daffodil Growth

That’s right. I noticed them yesterday, just sitting there in the frozen ground. I wondered why, or how, they managed to start growing, but I stopped asking when I remembered that it’s a crazy world we live in. I just never knew that Daffodils are as crazy as the rest of us. There you have [...]

Christmas Tree Growing Strong

New Growth on Christmas Tree in March

It’s not so much that we are showing off how we still have our Christmas tree up, it’s that we are showing off our holiday spirit. If you are reading this and have already removed your Christmas tree from your crib (house), you really need to ask yourself why you did that. You need to [...]

CytoSport Cytomax Sport Energy Drink

CytoSport Cytomax Sport Energy Drink

As I sit here and write, I am just getting over another one of my famous two day long headaches I earn myself from dehydration. It’s really annoying. I have done this a few times. It’s not my fault really. It’s my body’s. I am a slender individual who doesn’t get thirsty much. I try [...]

Victory Storm King Stout

Victory Storm King Stout

A few years ago, we visited the Mayflower Inn in Washington, CT for a holiday dinner. I can’t seem to remember which holiday it was right now, but I am leaning towards either Christmas or New Years. It was cold outside, I do remember that for sure. We arrived a bit early for our reservation, [...]

Wildcats Sneakers by Buster Brown

I was just downstairs finishing up some lunch when Simon the cat jumped off the futon and sat in front of the glowing pellet stove. He yawned and I said, “Oh look at him, he just roared like a wildcat.” Now don’t laugh, but that got me thinking. It got me thinking of those old [...]

Interesting Personality Traits of Entrepreneurs

A Handbook For Ethics - Traits of Entrepreneurs

As I mentioned in a recent post, I am reading a book called, “A Handbook For Ethics” by Robert C. Solomon. I am about a quarter of the way through it and am finding it very informative. You would laugh if you saw my task list. I am constantly jotting down ideas to write about; [...]

Beautiful Sunny Day With Ice On the Trees

Icicles On Birdhouse - Close Up

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s difficult deleting photos that look good. Usually, I suffer through it, but I get rid of most duplicates and only post what’s generally unique. This time I am throwing caution to the wind and posting some pictures that look like some others. If you look closely though, [...]

New Garant Roof Rake

Garant Roof Rake

I swear it was like someone installed a revolving door at the hardware store yesterday. If I had known that roof rakes would be the hottest item of the year, I would have bought a thousand of them over the Summer and set up shop on the side of the road during the Winter. These [...]

Yesterday Was a Miserable Day

Rainy Winter Day

I’m sure there have been more miserable days, but yesterday was pretty miserable. My mood changed yesterday. It went from being quite content with Winter to being a bit disgruntled with it. Winter turned into work yesterday. So far this year, I have been having a pretty good time. Every time it snows, I say, [...]

A Handbook For Ethics by Robert C. Solomon

A Handbook For Ethics by Robert C. Solomon

Just a few minutes ago, I wrote that I would be starting a new book. That book is called, “A Handbook For Ethics” by Robert C. Solomon. I picked up this book for $3 at the Book Barn and few weeks ago. The last time I looked on Amazon to see how much this book [...]

Homemade Snow Roof Rake

Screw Holding Driveway Sealer Squeegee To Extension Pole

There is a very hot item that isn’t on the market right now. It’s called a snow roof rake and the reason it’s not on the market is because all stores seem to be sold out. I started a conversation yesterday with a buddy of mine about roof rakes and he mentioned that he went [...]

Atlas Shrugged – Finished

Pages of Atlas Shrugged

Well, after many nights of reading, I finally finished Atlas Shrugged. This was quite the feat for me. The last thick book I read was 588 pages. This one was 1168. I really enjoyed every page. I am not going to get into a review of Atlas Shrugged. I’ll simply suggest you read it. It [...]

Winter Photos Near Shenandoah National Park

Old Snow Covered Barn in Shenandoah Valley - Virginia

My brother emailed me a few photos this afternoon. He lives near Shenandoah National Park and is mightily trying to keep up with us Northerners, so he sent over a few “snow” pictures. They are pretty nice shots, so I thought I would share. Related posts:Our Very First Christmas TreeOrange Winter SunsetHunt Christmas Tree Farm [...]

It Snowed…Again…Again

Looking Up Snowy Road

Okay, this is getting a little out of hand. Not that I am complaining, but seriously, my back is starting to hurt. To think, I was going to sell the snowblower. After one season (last year) of removing snow by hand, I got a little overzealous. That would have been a bad move. You know, [...]

It’s Snowing…Again

Driving Up Hill in Snow Storm - Freshly Plowed

Blog posts about snow never get old. The fact that snow falls from the sky never gets old either. It’s true. If you think about it, we (as people) tend to get excited every time it snows. We grumble about it later, but as the snow is falling, we are a tad bit more relaxed [...]

Blog Posts by Email

If you are an avid fan of this blog, be sure to sign up for the second go-round of the email list. I say second go-round because I did this before, but took it down for some reason or another. All you need to do is to place your email address in the box to [...]